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Charitable Remainder Unitrust for One or Two Lives

Full Name
Transfer Value
Payout Rate
Beneficiary 1 DOB
Beneficiary 2 DOB

A charitable remainder unitrust is a custom designed and individually managed trust that enables you to retain a variable income for your lifetime or a fixed term of years, claim a current income tax deduction, and make a future gift to charity.

Input Descriptions

Full Name. Please enter the full name of the donor as you would like it to appear on the report.

Transfer Value. Enter the combined fair market value of all assets you would like to transfer. This can be as little as $1,000 or as much as $100,000,000.

Payout Rate. Enter the Payout Rate as a percentage (e.g. 5.0, 6.23). This rate will be multiplied by the trust's asset value each year to compute your annual income. The lower the payout rate, the larger the deduction. This value must be between 5.0 and 50.0.

Beneficiary 1 DOB. Enter your date of birth as MM/DD/YYYY (e.g. 10/21/1932). The year must include the century.

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